Five Favorite HaldeCraft HandDyed Semi-solid Yarn Colorways

Five Favorite HaldeCraft HandDyed Semi-solid Yarn Colorways

 While I love to make multi-colored yarns that invoke a particular thing, like Sock Monkey, or songs, like Golden Years and Blue Jean.... my heart is really always with the solids and semi-solids. This might have something to do with my personal obsession of knitting complicated cabled designs, in which a solid color really sets off the pattern... but that's not really what this post is about (although that does give me an idea for a Friday Five of my favorite cable patterns!). This post is about five semi-solids that are currently on my mind.



 Irish Coffee - Browns are among your favorite colors, but not just any flat brown will do. You like that tonal, multi-shade that you see right when the creamer hits your coffee, before you stir it in and little light tendrils are making their way through the dark coffee. That is this color; lights, darks, together, beautifully.

 Weathered Wood - Gray weathered wood. A dilapidated house too long in the salt and sun and wind. Storm clouds rolling in over the water. Days so dark you'd swear that it's night; nor'easters, hurricanes. Hours spent looking out of the living room window of the house I lived in, as a child, on the ocean; watching waves swell and seagrass blow, and not being able to tell where the ocean ended and the sky began. Driftwood. Fog. Silver and smoke. This colorway is all of those things, and more.

 Buttercream - You are drawn to yellows, but sometimes it's hard to find something that's not too electric, but also not too pastel. You want something that is easy on the eyes but has enough brightness to call attention to itself. Buttercream, a former HaldeCraft yarn club colorway, gives you exactly what you want! It's perfect for those who love tonal, semi-solid colorways and you will be continuously enchanted by the interplay of its light and dark yellows as you crochet or knit your project.

 Salted Caramel - It's not brown, it's not orange, it's a beautiful, sweet mix of the two. Buttery rich caramel with a little something added to it that highlights the sweetness and gives off an almost otherworldly glow... you'll love working up this rich colorway! And unlike real salted caramel, this yarn is 100% guaranteed not to stick in your teeth (unless for some reason you chew on it, which we don't really recommend -but we know ourselves delicious looking yarn can be tempting...!).

 Cranberries - This is a deep rich red, more dark than bright, just like a field of cranberries. This is a tonal, semi-solid colorway that is the answer to a question you might not even have known you were asking... "what is the next shade of red that I just have to work with?".

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