Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

Five new and restocked items at HaldeCraft this week

So many good things happening right now! This week's update is heavy on stuff the yarn lover and the nerd will appreciate (says the yarn-loving nerd-girl).


Call Box Mugs: Geronimo! This is the mug you want to dive straight on into (it might even hold you -- while it looks like it tops out at about ten ounces, it very well might be bigger on the inside!). Here are the things that will occur to you as you drink your tea or coffee from this wibbly-wobbly mug: bow ties are cool; you shouldn't blink; if you can't be childish there's no point in growing up; books are weapons; and in the end, we are all stories. Also, all your friends will be jealous about your new favorite cup. As I write this there is one still left, from this first batch. I'm going to bisque fire some more next week, and then get them glazed and fired the week after that... so expect updates around July 8th. Do you want to see them in the same colors? Different colors? I'm open to your thoughts!

Changes: Are you ready to turn and face the strange changes of your life? You've reached for things, places, other people in your life. Maybe you've reached them, maybe not. Maybe sometimes you got to where you wanted to go and discovered the taste was not as sweet as you imagined. Nobody could tell you that before you found it out for yourself - you had to change your own world without advice, without older people telling you the way as if they knew better than you. You were aware of what you were going through, not them. All you needed, really, was time. It wasn't advice, it was time that could change you. And you turned to face it. Celebrate where you were, where you've traveled, and where you are now, with the bright colors that illustrate change. As I write this, Tiptree and Yolen are both sold out (I'm flattered, y'all - this colorway really means a lot to me and I'm touched you love it so much!). My next week to dye yarn is July 10-16, so expect restocks late in that week.

Crochet-lover's mug: You love crochet, and you love coffee (or maybe you love tea... or maybe you love both! Let's not limit ourselves!). What better way to show off your favorite craft with something to hold your favorite beverage? Use this mug as a good excuse to get a little crochet time in first thing in the morning (and then relax with it again at the end of the day).

Knitting-lover's mug: Exactly like the crochet-lover's mug, but with knitting needles! I'm getting ready to make more of these (I didn't have time to make as many as I wanted) and I'm open to suggestions on other color combinations. Drop me a line or comment here with your thoughts!

SueAnn's Garden: Every once and a while, there's one person in your life who just really goes above and beyond. She puts together care packages for far-flung friends. She sends treats, photos, and - if you're lucky - cuttings from her garden. She makes you want to do good things, for her and for other people. She makes you want to never leave her back porch, where you imagine a fragrance just like this sage and lavender soap blend together in the breeze coming up from her flowers, and together you could breathe in deeply and watch the sun set over the hills.

Thanks, y'all! Happy Friday!

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