Five Restocks at HaldeCraft this week

Five Restocks at HaldeCraft this week

A lot of restocks were sprinkled in with everything else this week, so in case you missed any of that, here's a roundup!

Small cabled sweater bowls; The companion piece to the cabled sweater mug, this little bowl is absolutely perfect for a serving of ice cream, soup, or morning cereal (or, let's be honest... dinner cereal!). Be the envy of your yarn-loving friends when you share photos and this is included; inspired by Aran sweaters, the cable detail is sure to invite oohs and aaahs from your friends.

A handful of soaps were restocked (and more will be restocked next week). Relisted on the site are Blood of the Dragon, Coconut Lemongrass, Hinoki Wood, Lavender, and Lavender Lemon. Stay tuned for more next week!

Your Joy Will Turn to Ashes in Your Mouth; Shades of purple, dark to light... almost as if that Regent You Love to Hate was choking, having been poisoned at his own wedding. If a solid, flat purple isn't your thing, if you want depth and texture and an interplay of shades, this is the rich and eye-catching color for you!

Cabled sweater tumblers; Inspired by Aran cabled sweaters, this tumbler fits perfectly into your hands as if it was made with you, specifically, in mind. Whether you're opting for a tall cup of tea, or a beer, or any other refreshing drink... it's sure to fortify you while you're knitting or crocheting your latest project!

Golden Years; When you feel that life's taking you nowhere, remember that nights are warm, days are young, and the shades of these yellows in Golden Years will carry you through. Some yellows, like some years, stand out more, and some fade into the background and support the stronger ones. Make something amazing with this golden yarn, something that will stand out and be remembered.

Thanks, y'all, and have a great weekend!

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