Five Woodsy HaldeCraft soap fragrances

Five Woodsy HaldeCraft soap fragrances

While I have an Earthy and an Herbal soap sampler set, I haven't yet put out a Woodsy one. So here's a little info about some of my more popular woodsy soap fragrances.

Cedar & Saffron - Cedar, with just a little bit of Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver, mix together with fragrant Eastern spices to make this intoxicating, spicy soap! This is a strong one, definitely not for those who prefer unscented soap.

Forest King - Evergreen woods, moss, patchouli, and sensual musk all blend together to make this your new favorite masculine, woodsy soap fragrance. It's a deep fragrance but very fresh (think being in a deep dark forest on a brisk autumn day).

Goblin King - Not unlike the namesake, this soap is enigmatic (Jareth? The Goblin King? Anyone?). A walk through the woods, a few flowers out in tables at a party, a masculine scent like moss and musk... which is this? It's all of them, and they blend together into something almost indescribable. It starts out musky and mossy, all earth and dark places, with a hint of the forest, and just enough lavender and hyacinth to keep it from being overtly woodsy.

Marie's Hearth - Marie’s Hearth is an enticing and home-like blend that brings to mind evenings by the fire with someone you love; tobacco, woodsmoke, leather, and spiced mahogany combine together to take your breath away.

Oakmoss Sandalwood - Oakmoss Sandalwood is a surprisingly light scent for something with Sandalwood. Sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli, and amber. If you like earthy, slightly woodsy, amber-based fragrances, give this one a try! It's a much lighter fragrance than you might expect, and good for those who like the idea of fragrant soap but can get overwhelmed by heavy scents.

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