Friday Five: Five recently restocked items at HaldeCraft

Friday Five: Five recently restocked items at HaldeCraft

A lot of things have been restocked (along with some new items brought in) so here are some things you might have missed in the last week or two...


African Violet Pots: Some people have trouble with their African Violets, because the soil needs to be moist at all times. Not dry, not overwatered, but moist. This self-watering African Violet pot can help if you’re having trouble with your soil – the water will slowly seep through the unglazed portion of the pot, and when the glazed portion is out of water, simply refill! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

Crocheted Doily Bowl (Marie style): The kind of bowl that your dinner company exclaims over when you pass the rolls down the table. The kind of bowl that catches your eye in the morning light as it sits on the sideboard holding the best fruit of the season. The kind of bowl that you treasure, and hand down through the generations. Slab-rolled and impressed with a hand-crocheted doily, these pieces are then trimmed, cut, and shaped into beautiful one-of-a-kind bowls - each one is subtly different, as they are made by hand. If you, too, love both clay and yarn, this is a piece that will speak to your heart.

Deviled Egg Plates: Not that deviled eggs need anything other than themselves to be popular at a party, but imagine when you show up not just with the eggs... but with the eggs displayed on a hand-painted plate! This deviled egg plate has a place for 15 eggs, plus room in the middle for anything else you'd like to put there; dipping sauce, vegetables, even more eggs!

Mandarin Myrrh soap: Sounds much more complex than it is. Mandarin Orange, Meyer Lemon, and Tangerine Zest mixed with Basil, Sweet Clove Bud, and Star Jasmine and then topped off with woodsy Indonesian Patchouli, Indian Myrrh, Golden Amber and Egyptian Musk. This could all just be shortened to "magical." If you like spicy, zesty soap, this is for you!

Unscented soap: Not floral, not spicy, not herbal... not anything! Finally, a fragrance-free soap! This is a generous bar of soap, decorated with a dragonfly and cattails, and has had no fragrance added to it.

Thanks, y'all!

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