Friday Five: New mugs! Restocks! Napkin Holders! Oh My!

Friday Five: New mugs! Restocks! Napkin Holders! Oh My!

Ah, January... the ritual time at HaldeCraft when I have recovered from the holidays (somewhat) and begun a big restocking! Here are the first few things out of the kilns over the last few weeks, making their way online now...

The January Mug of the Month - The first of the new 2019 limited edition mugs! Start the year off with a tall cuppa, with this classy Stoneware mug.

Herb Plant Markers - The perfect thing for your Spring (or Fall) herb garden; plant markers! Show off what you're growing before the plant even blooms, with these sturdy and weather-hardy herb markers. They are eight inches tall and designed to stick right down in the dirt; even the ones with the longest names have at least three inches available to stick down into your garden soil. Available in a variety of herbs.

Pineapple Napkin Holders - "Can you pass me a napkin?" - how many times have you been asked this, and then had a moment of panic looking around on your dining room table, hoping the napkins aren't under one of the serving dishes....? Yeah... us too. But no more! Now you can proudly pull one out of your new napkin holder! Or even pass the entire thing over, if you want to hear your dinner companion gush about your fabulous taste in servingware. Because let's be honest... what is more fabulous than a pineapple?!

Mermaid Mugs - Celebrate your inner mermaid with this lovely, colorful mug!

Daisy Dish - The perfect small dish for candies, or a catch-all for keys, change, or even a small ice cream bowl -- this is a real multi-tasker! And it doesn't take up much space on your table (if you need two or three scattered around to make a statement, well, we're not here to judge. We love flowers too.)

That's a selection of new things this week... I'll have more next week! And the week after that! Looking for something I haven't restocked yet? Drop me a line or comment here, I can tell you where it is in the queue.

Thanks, y'all!

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