Friday Five: Stakes! Salt! Pepper! Soap!

Friday Five: Stakes! Salt! Pepper! Soap!

A lot of updates this week, as well - so many I can't get to them all if I just stick to five. But! Let's just do five, anyway (I don't want to overwhelm all y'all).

Fruit & Vegetable Markers - The perfect thing for your Spring (or Fall) garden; plant markers! Show off what you're growing before the plant even blooms, with these sturdy and weather-hardy fruit and vegetable markers. They are eight inches tall and designed to stick right down in the dirt; even the ones with the longest names have at least three inches available to stick down into your garden soil. Available in a variety of fruits and vegetables!

Retro Salt & Pepper Shakers - Are you tired of using the paper cardboard salt and pepper shakers that you buy at the grocery store whenever you're out of seasonings, when once again you've forgotten to get that big container of salt that you can just use to refill fancy shakers? Pick up this ceramic shaker set, painted to look like they came straight out of a 1950s diner, and never feel that paper cardboard regret again!

Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shakers - Bring your love of outdoors inside, with these mushroom salt & pepper shakers. Not only are they 103% more awesome* than those paper shakers you always buy at the grocery store because you don't have a classy set of your own, but they are guaranteed to start a conversation when one of your guests asks "can you please pass the salt?". Be ready to tell them where you got these adorable 'shroom seasoners!

Mason Jar Salt & Pepper Shakers - Maybe you do a lot of canning. Or maybe you're just from the South, where we have a lot of extra cans and use them for everything....! Either way, if you have a soft spot for Mason jars, you'll love this new set of Salt & Pepper shakers that remind you of your favorite pickle/jam/preserves.

Cuban Tobacco Soap - Not for the faint of heart, this strong fragrance is sweet and tart, both. Tobacco, tea leaves, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. If you like strong fragrances like Blood of the Dragon, or Hinoki Wood, this may become your new favorite!

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