Friday Five: Yarnies! Soapies! So many Mugsies!

Posted by A. Lorena Haldeman on

What's new and restocked at HaldeCraft recently? Everything!

The new redesign of the Louisa May Alcott mugs are out; you can find "I am not afraid of storms" here, and "She is too fond of books" here.

Similarly, the redesign of the My Favorite Murder mugs are out, and I've given each one its own listing. You can find all five of them here.

Another small soap restock (you can see all the restocked soap here) with fragrances in both the Goat's Milk and Oatmeal bases.

And Nagata! Finally, yay! You can see all the restocked yarns here; I'm working on making a list of what else needs to be restocked, and I'll be ordering some more Nagata base yarn as soon as I can, to finish that up.

Thanks, y'all - have a great weekend!

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