Full speed ahead!

Full speed ahead!

HaldeCraft has a busy week ahead, because we've decided to sneak away from responsibility for a few days and go down to Epcot and catch the last few days of the Celebration of Food and Wine. What does that mean for HaldeCraft followers? There will be a shipping delay on anything ordered from about noon tomorrow (Tuesday 11/8) through the end of the week; anything ordered then will ship out on Monday, 11/14. I will have email capabilities so if I see an order come in I will probably be contacting you within 24 hours to make sure the delay is not a hardship - if it's not, great! But if it is, I can cancel the sale and issue a refund.


Meanwhile, I have a lot to do before leaving Wednesday! I still need to finish winding November club yarn, today I want to get International club in the mail, tomorrow I get to go vote (I know almost everyone I know has voted early, but there's just something about voting on the actual day that has always appealed to me... and my boss is pretty lenient in letting me go stand in line for a long time - of course, now we live in a town of 1400 people, about which half are old enough to vote, so I'm not thinking the line is going to be very long!).

I'm a little more behind in making things than I wanted to be this week... I've been working a lot instead on some changes to the online shop - the most obvious change will be in color/background, but there will be a few navigational changes/fixes as well. I'll be finalizing those changes when I get back, because I don't want to hit the "change" button and then leave for four days - that's a sure recipe for disaster. So when I get back from our mid-week vacation, HaldeCraft will look a little different (and hopefully easier to navigate).

I really hadn't planned on taking a vacation this close to being busy getting ready for holidays and a couple of shows, but we really wanted to get to the Celebration of Food & Wine this year and just haven't been able to get there until now. I'm trying to think of it as taking a few days off to charge up my batteries for a busy six weeks ahead, and not think of it as ack, ack, I don't have time to take four days away from the studio, ack. And part of me is a little mad at myself. It's not like the Christmas holidays are a surprise, so how do I ALWAYS get to late October/early November and then think, "oh, I should have been preparing for this all year!" How do I DO that? It's not like November is a surprise, it does come every year....! So, the next two weeks are going to see a flurry of Making going on in the studio. Good thing I like making things!

Happy Monday, all!  

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