GLAM 2016 was almost too much fun to be believed!

GLAM 2016 was almost too much fun to be believed!

 I definitely have "craft show hangover" this morning, y'all! Tired, happy, tired, getting more tired the longer I'm awake, and still happy! It's a weird feeling. There might be a nap in my future today.

I'm having trouble uploading images, but you can see them all here


I couldn't give you a full rundown of the show - we got there at 8, were done setting up around 9:30, next thing I knew it was 10 and we were opening; when I next had a moment to check the time it was 12:30, then it was 3, and about a minute later it was 4 and vendors around me were starting to pack up. Holy cow! Where did the day go?!

Highlights of the day include mimosas (or as we called it, "anti-scurvy medicine")... putting the finishing touches on the booth and looking around to see That Poor Man helping other vendors - even people he didn't know - help set up their tents and tables... running to the Sunshine Canning booth and getting pickled garlic and pickled cauliflower and two kinds of bourbon pickles, and not knowing Tim had already picked some up for me... deeply appreciating the fact that I have two blacksmith friends who both had booths there and  who both make such entirely different things that I could easily have dropped a couple hundred dollars in each one and not have repeated items... someone coming near the end of the day to fondle a mug that I'd brought because she'd asked me to, only both it and the second one of the same kind that I'd bought had both already sold out!... explaining what yarn bowls are to a multitude of people and seeing their faces light up because each person who didn't know what it was had a knitter or crocheter in the family and what a great gift idea for a giver who doesn't know anything about what kind of yarn to gift... did I mention the mimosas...?... my aunt and uncle coming by the booth twice but me being too busy both times to really chat with them... and so many hugs. SO MANY HUGS! I love this show, I really do.

Thank you, Gainesville! You like me! You really like me!

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