HaldeCrafts & Drafts (January 21st, 2017)

HaldeCrafts & Drafts (January 21st, 2017)

This may have been the most fun Open House yet, y'all! Guest artist, blacksmith Leslie Tharp (find her here, or here on Facebook) might have been temporarily overshadowed by a surprise anniversary party for That Poor Man's parents (we got them down to visit by tempting them with their youngest grandchildren, and a blacksmith at the open house, and we surprised them by smuggling in all of their children as a surprise for their 50th wedding anniversary)... but Leslie recovered quickly and was definitely the star of the day! If a picture is worth a thousand words, rather than write 40,000 words I'll just show you 40 pictures instead....

My apologies; I'm having trouble uploading the whole gallery... you'll have to go here if you want to see the pictures.

Overall, it was a really amazing day. That Poor Man's sister and father (both also blacksmiths) really hit it off with Leslie, and stories were flying around. I'd love to just sit at a table with the three of them and listen.

The next Crafts & Drafts, which is somewhat invite-only (in that we don't do heavy advertising, so as not to annoy our neighbors with a huge crowd... after all, we do live here!) will most likely be the third Saturday of April. Tentatively the outside discussion will be on wood-burning kilns and the different stages of ceramic pieces. Stay tuned, and drop me a line if you want a firm invite!

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