Hospital visit & recovery time = radio silence

Hospital visit & recovery time = radio silence

I knew, because I was travelling this year, that things would be slow at HaldeCraft in April, August, and November.

What I *wasn't* expecting to slow me down was a kidney infection in mid-May that turned into septicemia, which turned into a "vacation" stay at the hospital, and has resulted in weeks of slow recovery. Did you know that on average, it takes a week of recovery for every day that you're in the hospital for an acute illness? If that's true I'm looking at least three more weeks before I'm back up to pre-sickness activity levels. That's really frustrating for a workaholic who's self-employed and works at home!

But I'm trying to listen to all my friends and loved ones who are telling me that it's not only OK, but it's VITAL that I take the time to recover. So I'm taking it slow, baby steps, and have only just started trying to go to the studio for an hour a day and catch up on things I abandoned when I first got sick.

I'm hoping to have a shop update the first Friday in July, with a buuuuuunch of new things (including some new wooden pieces!). So stay tuned, and I'll be back soon! And most importantly, thank you for your continued support.
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