How do I order one of those amazing little boxes?!

How do I order one of those amazing little boxes?!

Have you seen the new little boxes at HaldeCraft?

They're cute as little buttons, but they come in a lot of options - you get to choose what color, or colors, you'd like to order.

With eight colors to choose from (Azure, Cherry, Colonial, Eggplant, Emerald, Golden Wheat, Spice, and Walnut), there's bound to be something for everyone.

When ordering, there's a primary color, and a secondary color.

The primary color is the color that's on the lid, the sides and back, the trim on the drawers, and the drawer-pulls and the feet.

The secondary color is the color that's on the background part of the drawers, the inside of the drawers, and the bottom of the box.

You can choose two different colors, or you can even choose both the primary and secondary colors to be the same, making it a single-color box.

Because I make these to order (cutting them out, staining them, and assembling them) it will add about seven to ten days to your order... keep that in mind if it's a gift and needs to get there by a specific time!

And that's it! That's how you order one of the new boxes. Any questions? Comment here, or drop me a message!

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