How much email do you get from HaldeCraft?

How much email do you get from HaldeCraft?

I have a question for anyone who's purchased and had something shipped in the last two weeks or so - and this is because I am honestly curious and this is not something I can see from the back end of my website - how many emails do you get from me about a purchase?

It used to be that my website would email you when you purchased, about what you purchased. Then it would email you when I fulfilled and mailed the package, with tracking info. Then through an app I use, you'd get an email about two weeks later politely asking for a review of your experience, since I'm a small one-person show and social proof that I actually do what I promise to do is a really important thing for potential first-time customers to see.

I think, but I'm not sure, that if you paid through PayPal and I shipped via your PayPal payment page (IE; not using multi-order shipping for those days with lots of things to mail out), you would also get an automagic email from PayPal. If I used multi-order shipping, for uploading multiple shipments at once, I don't think you got an email from PayPal about that.

I used to use multi-order shipping ALL THE TIME. Even for things not paid via PayPal; it was just easier to get it all in there at once. The money was in PayPal so I could pay for shipping right then and there (some other things you can use add it all up and you pay for it at the end of the month and let me tell you seeing that price all at once can be heart-stopping). I would be able to print out something my post office loves, The Scan Form. This is a page with a bar code that has all the info about all your packages, so if you go in there with 17 things they only have to scan the one bar code. There was just really a lot to love about multi-order shipping in PayPal.

So of course you know that means they recently changed it around entirely and made it the least functional thing I've ever seen in my life.

I will spare you the horrible words I shouted to my computer, and let you know that the end result is that I'm now using a new app on my website (ShippingEasy, if you're curious) and it lets me do pretty much exactly the same thing as multi-order shipping in PayPal. I actually kind of like it better! For one thing, it seems like it's going to automagically send you an email with tracking info every time I send you something -- like, if you are in yarn club, you will now get an email with tracking info all three months, not just on the first month. I think. This is where you come in!

Have you ordered something from me in about the last two, maybe three weeks? That's how long I've been using this new app. I'd love to know what sort of emails it sends you, and also if you are getting any other emails from me. For instance, do you get an email from ShippingEasy that looks sort of bland and impersonal? And do you also get an email from my website with basically the same info, but with a green background, and it's a little more fun? If you do, this means that I have two apps doing essentially the same thing, and I need to drop the app that sends emails with a light green background, and see how to personalize the emails from ShippingEasy. Because I don't want to be THAT COMPANY that sends you a gazillion emails that you're just going to delete and seethe at me over.

I want you to hear from me, but I don't want you to OVER-hear from me, if that makes sense. So if you're getting too much from me, or multiples of the same thing, drop me a line. Email me, Facebook message me, whatever. I would love to hear from you so I can get things right.

Thanks, y'all!

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