March Meet the Maker 2018 Days 6-15

March Meet the Maker 2018 Days 6-15

Spoiler alert, I skipped Day 15, so this is only 11-14. You can read 1-5 here and 6-10 here.

March Meet the Maker Day 11: Branding. My logo was designed by a friend and I have never thought of anything else. I may have changed the typeface I use on some things but the stamp/typewriter key with the "H" for my last name? Yeah. That never changes and I don't see that it ever will. I put it on my bags for craft shows, my boxes for mailing, and I did forget to put it on these brand new business cards (derp!) but I'll fix that with the next order (I just changed where I get my cards and I was a little overwhelmed by the differences). The dragonfly paper I found before I even opened, and I knew right away that's what I wanted to wrap my goodies in. So I have physical markers of my brand that people, repeat customers, have come to know as mine. But there's one thing that's part of my brand that's hard to communicate in physical objects, and that's the personal touch and the sense of community I like to give repeat friendstomers (my word for customer/friends who have been with me for years). Like I said, that's hard to put a physical marker on, but I try to do it every day in my blog posts, my Ravelry threads, my social media posts, and when I answer comments on all of those, or email. I always try to give a personal touch and make sure that whoever is talking knows that I've heard them.

March Meet the Maker Day 12: Postage and Packaging. Ironic, since a week ago today was the first time I've had mail stolen out of my mailbox; stuff I'd ordered (for swag for yarn club, sigh, *and* it was handmade), not stuff I was mailing out. So all this week I've been a little wary about my mailbox, which I do use as often as I can for mailing out packages. If I can fit it in the mailbox, I will! That saves me from having to drive to the post office - which, granted, is not that far away... but sometimes you just don't want to start up the car and go somewhere, am I right?! Anyway. The little post office closest to my house is open M-F, 11-3, which is mostly when I mail things if I can't fit it in my mailbox (the occasional rare Saturday shipment has to be able to fit in my mailbox, which means very rarely are things mailed out on Saturday). As far as packing material goes, I will reuse packing peanuts and quality bubble-wrap, but I tend to not reuse boxes as by the time they get to me they're usually beat-up. I tend to order from places that either already reuse boxes or their boxes get pretty beat up by FedEx or UPS, so... new boxes! Packed with love!

March Meet the Maker Day 13: Work Clothes. First I was going to take a selfie... then I thought maybe I would just lay out some of my geekiest shirts and jeans and show a selection... then I thought, "let's be honest." I am a feral, work-at-home artist. My work clothes are usually whatever is at the top of the pile in the clean laundry basket. If they're lucky, they get folded and put away about once in every three times I wash them. Don't you judge me, Earl.

March Meet the Maker Day 14: Dreams & Plans. Oh, yes, I have them. And most of them are fired up by coffee and kept in check by my planner(s). Dreams include wild ideas, "I wonder if" thoughts, more than a few "what if"s, and things I would do if time were infinite. Plans include ideas that are tamed down just a touch from wild, pros vs cons lists about things that I wonder and weigh in my mind, realities of timelines for "what if I" projects... yeah. Dreams and Plans.

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