Midnight Garden HaldeCrate update

Midnight Garden HaldeCrate update

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Hey, all! I've been getting a few questions about the HaldeCrate, so I wanted to make sure I was explaining it well enough.

Are you familiar with themed crates, like BarkBox, or LootCrate, or Hello Fresh? This is like that, but with my spin on it.

For a long time I've done a yarn club, wherein you could pre-order if you liked the theme I had planned; I would tell you the theme but not show off the yarn until after pre-orders were closed club was ready to start shipping.

HaldeCrate is a different type of club... in fact, it's more like a one-time box, every other month, with a different theme and listing page each time. Not only do I tell you the theme at the beginning but throughout the time that pre-orders are available, I show off more and more pictures of what's being offered. Not only is there the ability to order yarn, but also soap and ceramics - or, also the ability to NOT order anything you don't want. It's much more either/or, and while people who were in yarn club aren't losing anything, people who would also like a ceramic club, or a soap club, now have options as well.

For example, if you just want the yarn, you only pre-order the yarn. If you only want the ceramics, you only pre-order the ceramics. If you only want the soap set, you only pre-order the soap set. It's all the same listing, it's all called HaldeCrate, but you put together your individual crate from the offered options.

If you like yarn, the color offered for the August Crate is called "Midnight Garden". It's available in all six of my regular bases. In the photo shown above, starting at the top and moving counter-clockwise into the middle, there's Andre, Joy, Lynn, Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen.

If you like soap, the soap set is based on HaldeCraft favorite, Midnight Garden. If you admit to not being extremely fond of floral fragrances in bath products; if you love the smell of actual flowers, but feel that somehow soaps and lotions never seem to smell the same... you will be over the moon about Midnight Garden! It has just enough earthy/woodsy to keep you happy, with the oakmoss and musk, but it also has subtle lavender, lily, rose, and violet. Somehow that all combines together and will make your nose delightfully happy! The soap set consists of one soap and one hand lotion (both scented in Midnight Garden) and a tube of lip balm which will be flavored with Blackberry Pomegranate.

If you like ceramics, this time around there are two to choose from; choose one of each, two of one and none of the other... it's up to you! There is a soap dish that, while a design I do currently have out, this one will be painted in colors that match both the teacup and the yarn…. and it’ll only be available in that color for this Crate. You will not be able to get this color unless you order it from this crate.

The teacup and saucer is just about the twee-est thing I’ve ever seen. The cup is like a flower, and the saucer is like the leaves at the base of the stem. So cute! And it’s definitely a cup and not a mug, as it only holds about four or five ounces. I usually do large mugs, so this is for all y’all who have been asking for something smaller! I hear you!

Anyway! I hope this makes a little more sense. I feel like maybe I haven't explained it very well, or that I must be getting tripped up over my words somehow, because a couple of people have asked me the same questions. No, you are not required to buy everything that's offered. Yes, it's considered a HaldeCrate if you ordered it from this page, no matter what it contains or doesn't contain. Oh - and if you spend more than $25, you get a 15% discount.

Pre-orders for anything in the Midnight Garden Crate will be available through Wednesday, August 1st, and will ship on Wednesday, August 15th. At that point a limited number of extra yarns, soap sets, teacups, and soap dishes will be listed and they will remain available until sold out. You can play around with adding and subtracting things from your crate, here!

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