New and Recently Restocked at HaldeCraft

New and Recently Restocked at HaldeCraft

Everything for everyone in December seemed so busy, I know I didn't have time to recap recently restocked items (and you probably wouldn't have had time to read about them anyway). So let's do a small recap of some recently new things that haven't sold out!

Colorful bowls - Inspired by Spanish and Mexican majolica and talavera, these bowls are going to appeal to anyone with a love for color! These are handpainted and each one will be a little bit different depending on color placement and base glazed used.

Colorful mugs - Same in the line as the bowls above (and plates below), these mugs are not for the faint of heart in the morning! If you are tired of bland, monochromatic coffee or tea, start your day off with some of this pizazz!

Colorful plates - If these plates are half as fun to eat off of as they were to paint, they are going to make mealtime amazing fun! They're good dinner-plate size, 11 inches across. Interested in a different size? I can make similar ones, but with different designs, in both 8 inch and 13 inch sizes.

Ring holders and most spoon rests have sold out of this new collection, but keep an eye out towards the end of the month - more will show up... along with ... wait for it ... some serving platters and butter dishes!

My Favorite Murder mugs - Funny story! I made sure to have a good selection of these before GLAM, because I knew they'd be popular and asked for (and they were). But! You knew there had to be a "but," right? I forgot to pack and bring them. Sigh. So there's a full line of them as I write this. If you wanted one for the holidays and didn't get one, now's the perfect time to pick one up.

One Hit Wonders - These will be switching out weekly, and this is the current crop up online. The base yarn and color selection will change each time these are switched out but occasionally things will show up on repeat if they don't sell right away.

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