New and recently restocked at HaldeCraft this week

New and recently restocked at HaldeCraft this week

There's a little bit of everything trickling in these days... here are a few things in soap, yarn, and ceramics that you might have missed!


Halloween Stitch Markers - Just in time for some spooky holiday project help! These Halloween-themed stitch markers are sure to scare your project into shape. Choose between grinning pumpkins, dancing skeletons, creeptastic spiders, and the most adorable twee witches hats. Available for both knitters and crocheters, these stitch markers can either mark your spot in between repeats or help you count rows, depending on whether you opt for the ringed or the lobster claw version. These are selling out fast!

"She is too fond of books" mug - Perhaps you have more books than you have shelves. Maybe you have piles of books on the floor, or your shelves are stacked two - or even three - books deep. You might have to move piles of books off of the small table by your favorite reading chair before you can rest your cup of tea and curl up for a while. If this is you, and if you've ever lost yourself in a book so much that most of your head is still there even after you close the covers, if you've ever been thought of as "strange" or "nerdy" for wanting to read almost more than anything else... this is the mug for you.

Trickster Coyote - Looking for a good, solid masculine scent that doesn't have anything floral in it? Start with some dry firewood, a hint of tobacco, and add in some saddle leather... then throw in a little dry prairie grass for good measure. Traditionally, the Trickster Coyote is a character who has great intelligence and a love for trouble, and can usually be found testing boundaries (if not outright breaking through them)... If that sounds like you, give this fragrance a shot!

Soap in general - over the last few weeks I've had a number of custom orders come in, and because of the sheer number of bars I've been making, I have one or two left over in a variety of fragrances. I've updated the stock and you can find all my soap here. I'm also working on a few restocks (and some holiday guest soap sets) this week!

Weathered Pink - What do you get when you mix Weathered Wood with Pretty in Pink? Weathered Pink! Gray and Pink spiral around each other and make something unusual and eye-catching. This is a limited edition yarn, available only until sold out -- you won't want to miss this unique, limited combination! As I write this there is one left in Lynn, and one in Tepper.

"We are the music-makers" mug - We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. Originally written by Irish/English poet Arthur O'Shaughnessy in 1873, the first two lines of the poem "Ode" were made famous almost 100 years later in a beloved children's movie. The original poem is quite long (anything after the first three stanzas is usually forgotten) and is both beautiful and sad. Whether you yourself are a songwriter and musician (or other artist), a dreamer of dreams, or just feel the connection to a character in a movie that perfectly captured that childlike joy and wonder we all hope to never lose in our lives, this mug is for you.

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