New and Restocked Goodies at HaldeCraft this week

New and Restocked Goodies at HaldeCraft this week

So much going on this week, y'all! A couple of new things and a whole lot of soap!

Berry Baskets - Perfect for showcasing that beautiful fruit you picked up at the Farmer's Market this week - or even picked out of your own garden - these berry baskets are sturdy, washable, reusable, and will look fantastic on your kitchen counter or dining room table.

Black Amber & Lavender soap - Musky, with myrrh and amber, combines fabulously with the Lavender to make a slightly woodsy, slightly floral scent. Even people who aren't that into floral scented soap tend to like this fragrance as the amber definitely lends a woody note to the scent.

Coconut Lemongrass soap - Coconut Lemongrass is fruity, beachy, with just a little bit of zip. The herbal lemongrass balances out the sweet coconut, which alone might smell like a fruity rum drink - but together they blend into something a little enigmatic. Makes you think of cool nights on a beach, where a bit of the island breeze carries with it the scent of grasses!

Kentish Rain soap - Have you ever read Watership Down? Do you wonder what it would be like to sit at the base of the tree on the top of the hill, looking over the lands below? This soap will make you think that's where you are. This scent is just a little grassy with basil and greenleaf; a little floral with lily, jasmine, rose, and violets; a little woodsy and earthy with sandalwood and tonka; and a little rainy with ozone and sea breezes; just what you would think the Downs would smell like after a fresh summer shower.

Measuring cups - These adorable stacking measuring cups nest inside each other, so don't take up much room when they're being stored. However, with how eye-catching they are, you may want to leave them out on your counter all the time, to make you smile!

Sage & Citrus soap - A subtle herb fragrance of sage and a tangy citrus from lemon and lime blend together to make something unique and delightfully unusual. Like an herb garden on a summer night, this fragrance is refreshing and renewing.

This Week Only - A cold night, a fireplace, a good book, a dog asleep at your feet, and a cup of coffee with a dash of whiskey in it. Maybe there's a light snowfall. If that sounds like the perfect way to drink an Irish Coffee, this might be the perfect mug for your scene.

White Tea & Ginger soap - Another invigorating scent for the Winter fragrance lovers! If you like Orange Clove or Orange Ginger but find them just a little too sharp, White Tea & Ginger might be a good match for you. It's still spicy, but not as tart and tangy; it has a little bit of jasmine in it and together with the calming white tea, it makes for a lovely, but still winter-spice-like fragrance.

And don't forget that you can always check out the Recently Stocked section to see what's new. Thanks, y'all!

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