New in the Shop: The August 2019 Mug

New in the Shop: The August 2019 Mug

Looking for something unique, something hand made, something quirky? Take a look at these mugs as they are made, a different mug every month for the year. Sometimes the decoration will be the main focus of the mug, sometimes a new glaze will be what catches your eye. Either way, one of these twelve mugs is bound to, over the year, capture your heart and call to you. Let it become your go-to morning coffee mug, the mug you hope is clean at the end of the day for some evening tea, the mug you reach for first even when every other mug you own is clean.

August 2019: Let this mug drive a little peace and love into your morning.
Approximate Height: 3.75 inches
Approximate Width: 3-3.5 (it's slightly oval)
Approximate Weight: 12 oz
Will Hold Approximately: 12 oz  

Until sold out, you can find this mug here, along with any stock still left of the January, February, April, May, and July mugs (March and June are sold out). Thanks, y'all!

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