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Hey, all! I think this wraps up the recap posts of things that have just been or are about to be restocked....

Have you seen the new Salt & Pepper shakers? I love them all so much! You've got the ones I've had before, but now just in one color, the retro ones... then there are some other retro ones that look like little Mason jars.... and then there are these totally adorable mushroom ones.

And we have some  yarn updates! New sock weight yarn Nagata is now available in Ashes to Ashes, Bluegrass, Changes, Cranberries, and Golden Years; Tepper has a small update in Ashes to Ashes, Bluegrass, Golden Years, and Purple Rain; and I forgot to add a photo to it in this collage but there's a small One Hit Wonder update, with base yarns Joy (there's actually two skeins available of this one), Lynn, Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen. You can find all of the recently restocked yarns here.

And that's it! Thanks, y'all!

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