Restocks and New Things at HaldeCraft

Restocks and New Things at HaldeCraft

Whew! It's been a heck of a couple of weeks, y'all. I've had a lot of restocks and a couple of new things peppered in here and there, but thought I'd put them all in one place in case anyone missed anything! Lots of soap, some ceramics, a bit of yarn... there's something for everyone here.

In ceramics, new are the tentacle mugs and the Seahorse/February mug, and jumbo cabled sweater mugs, and both seahorse and flower dishes were restocked. Oh, and the waffle cone bowls, which have since sold out -- but more waffle cone dishes and more tentacle mugs will be in my next big kiln firing!

In soap, the limited edition soap for January, Lavender Coconut, is up (February's soap will be listed on the 26th), and restocks are.... oh, lordy, too numerous to mention. You can see them all here.

In yarn, the listings for Blue Sun and Vodka & OJ have been combined and rewritten, and in new things we have the long-awaited gradient sock blanks!

I think that's everything I haven't previously mentioned....? You can always check the Recently Stocked collection to see what's new.

Thanks, y'all!

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