September Office Hours

September Office Hours

Hey, all! I have a lot going on in September so I wanted to just put it all into a blog post to try to make it easy for people to find out when I'm working and not working this month.

Obviously I am in the "office" right now (by "office" I mean "studio" but in thinking about all this it made me feel like a teacher at the start of a new semester, posting office hours). I will be in the studio today and tomorrow, doing work, answering emails, and getting packages out.

I will be out of the studio Wednesday through Friday, 9/11-9/13. I will be on vacation and unavailable to send out orders (anything ordered after about noon tomorrow will go out when I get back), although I will have access to email. I might not have time to check it, but I should have good Internet access. Yay?

Then I'll be back in the studio from Saturday September 14th through Thursday, September 19th. I'll be here to answer emails, mail out packages, and answer any questions (and social media will be as usual).

Friday, September 20th I'll be leaving for Orlando, for the Florida Fiber-In. I'll be there Friday through Sunday (will I see you?) and I'll be busy but will try to respond to any emails in the evenings. Any packages ordered online will ship out Monday.

Speaking of Monday...

Usually right after Fiber-In, I'm exhausted but throw myself back into work, uploading stock that didn't sell and generally not actually recovering from the working weekend and all the work that went into being able to work the weekend.

So this year, I'mma try something different... I'mma take the week after Fiber-In off! It helps that I will have a house-guest, an overseas friend who's coming to visit, and I want to be able to spend time with her. So I'll be around Monday through Friday, 9/23-9/27..... but not actually in the studio all the time like normal.

I might post some social media that week, but might not. I will definitely be around to mail out packages and answer email. I might upload a few new things if they don't sell at Fiber-In, but I'll probably be stealthy about it until after the 30th. And Monday September 30th I'll be back and hitting the ground running!

Thanks, y'all!

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