The August 2018 HaldeCrate: Midnight Garden

The August 2018 HaldeCrate: Midnight Garden

The June HaldeCrate is just about ready to ship, and that means... it's time to start teasing the next Crate! The theme for the August Crate is Midnight Garden.

As with the others, there is a selection! You can choose from a soap and lotion set, a soap dish, yarn, and a teacup-and-saucer set.

The soap and lotion will be scented like shop favorite Midnight Garden, and the lip balm will be flavored like Blackberry Pomegranate.

The teacup and saucer is just about the twee-est thing I've ever seen. The cup is like a flower, and the saucer is like the leaves at the base of the stem. So cute! And it's definitely a cup and not a mug, as it only holds about four or five ounces. I usually do large mugs, so this is for all y'all who have been asking for something smaller! I hear you!

Oh! And let me not forget to mention the soap dish. It's a design I do currently have out, however, this one will be painted in colors that match both the teacup, and the yarn.... and it'll only be available in that color for this Crate.

What color will the yarn be? That is still a surprise, but I can tell you that I have some test skeins in the dyepots this week and so far I am loving what I'm seeing.

Pre-orders for anything in the Midnight Garden Crate will be available through Wednesday, August 1st, and will ship on Wednesday, August 15th. At that point a limited number of extra yarns, soap sets, teacups, and soap dishes will be listed and they will remain available until sold out. You can read more about the Crate here!

Thanks, y'all! Now excuse me, I have to get back to the Coconut Cream Crate... those skeins of yarn aren't going to wind themselves!

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