The February 2019 HaldeCrate: Whooooooo's Ready for the End of Winter (update)

The February 2019 HaldeCrate: Whooooooo's Ready for the End of Winter (update)

Today is the last day for pre-orders for the February 2019 HaldeCrate, Whoooooooooooo's Ready for the End of Winter.

What exactly is a HaldeCrate, in general? Are you familiar with themed crates, like BarkBox, or LootCrate, or Hello Fresh? This is like that, but with my spin on it.

For a long time HaldeCraft has offered a yarn club, wherein you could pre-order if you liked the theme that was planned; I would tell you the theme but not show off the yarn until after pre-orders were closed club was ready to start shipping.

HaldeCrate is a different type of club… in fact, it’s more like a one-time box, every other month, with a different theme and listing page each time. Not only do I tell you the theme at the beginning but throughout the time that pre-orders are available, I show off more and more pictures of what’s being offered. Not only is there the ability to order yarn, but also soap and ceramics – or, also the ability to NOT order anything you don’t want. It’s much more either/or, and while people who were in yarn club aren’t losing anything, people who would also like a ceramic club, or a soap club, now have options as well.

For example, if you just want the yarn, you only pre-order the yarn. If you only want the ceramics, you only pre-order the ceramics. It’s all the same listing, it’s all called HaldeCrate, but you put together your individual crate from the offered options. You can see all the current and previous Crates here.

If you like yarn, there are seven base yarns from which to choose. Original six yarns Andre, Joy, Lynn, Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen are now joined by new base yarn Nagata (a sock yarn with multicolored neps that looks heathery).

If you like ceramics, the choices this time around include a generously sized teapot....

...  and three mugs from which to choose!

Again, today is the last day for preorders for the Whoooooooooooo's Ready for the End of Winter HaldeCrate. Crates will mail out February 15th and at that point a limited number of extras will be set up for general sale.

Thanks, y'all!

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