The June 2018 HaldeCrate: Coconut Cream

The June 2018 HaldeCrate: Coconut Cream

Pre-orders are now closed for the April 2018 HaldeCrate (Monkey Farts), which means that the next Crate, this one themed around Coconut Cream, is now ready for pre-order!

Not familiar with HaldeCrate? A HaldeCrate is like the "choose your own adventure" novels of your childhood. A yarn (or not). Some goodies (or not). A way cool ceramic piece (or not). You choose what you want, and the price adjusts to accommodate your choices.

This is the pre-order listing for the Coconut Cream crate and it will be updated periodically with new teaser photos (so keep checking back if you're on the fence!). Pre-orders will be available through Friday, June 1st, and will ship on Friday, June 15th. At that point a limited number of extra yarns, soap sets, and yarn bowls will be listed and they will remain available until sold out.

What do you get in the Coconut Cream HaldeCrate? A skein of yarn in the base of your choice (from what is available); a set of soap and hand lotion scented like Coconut Cream with a lip balm flavored like Coconut; and a yarn bowl. But you can mix and match as much as you want with your crate - multiple skeins of yarn, or yarn and the yarn bowl but no soap set, or even the soap set and yarn bowl with no yarn! Or just the soap set! It's up to you - it's your crate, fill it how you want!

Keep an eye out here for new photos that will be added over the next six weeks - colors will slowly be revealed throughout April and May!

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