The June 2018 HaldeCrate: Coconut Cream (update)

The June 2018 HaldeCrate: Coconut Cream (update)

You still have almost a week to get your pre-order in for the next HaldeCrate, this one themed around Coconut Cream.

HaldeCrate is kind of like the next iteration of yarn club combined with a ceramic club and a dash of soap club. If you go to this listing you can choose exactly what you want from the featured options. For the Coconut Cream HaldeCrate, the choices are yarn (or not), a yarn bowl (or not), a tiki mug (or not), and a soap/lotion/lip balm set (or not).

The yarn

You can order as many skeins of yarn as you'd like, in my six standard bases (Andre, Joy, Lynn, Tepper, Tiptree, and Yolen). Just want one? Awesome. Want a sweater's worth? Awesome. Don't want any yarn at all? No problem - you don't have to choose it. There are no "must haves" in the HaldeCrate.

The yarn bowl

Approximately three inches high and five inches wide, this will hold a good-sized skein that's been rolled or wound into a ball! Plus, it's glazed to resemble a coconut... brown on the outside, creamy white on the inside. How can you resist that?!

The tiki mug

This unbelievable cute coconut tumbler is approximately five inches tall and four inches wide, comes with a washable/reusable plastic straw, and holds about 15 ounces of your favorite beverage.

The soap/lotion/lip balm set

A bar of soap and a two ounce bottle of hand lotion, both scented in Coconut Cream. And what's that smell like? Fresh coconut with just a bit of tonka bean, nutmeg, and vanilla.... it's more like a cupcake and less like a fruity rum drink. Speaking of cupcakes, the lip balm is also flavored like coconut cream, and it's like the best buttercream coconut icing you've ever had on your lips.


You can pre-order anything you want from this HaldeCrate (the price adjusts as you add or remove things from your Crate) through June 1st. Pre-orders will ship on June 15th, and at the same time any extras of any of these will be released for general sale!




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