Things-in-Progress Thursday

Things-in-Progress Thursday

I knew it, y'all. I said to myself yesterday morning while having coffee, "write this blog post now because you will NOT have time later in the day" and then I argued with myself that "you will totally make time, just sit here and drink your coffee and catch up on BoingBoing"... well. We all know how THAT turned out because who's got two thumbs and is writing yesterday's blog post today? THIS GIRL!

This week in ceramics, I'm showing off a lot of sneak peek photos of upcoming works -- mostly Tiki mugs, with which I've recently become obsessed. I'm working on the November mug; I was shooting for a Friday release but I'm still painting it so it might be Monday instead.

In soap, I'm trying to make some restocks, but I'm having some crock pot issues. I was hoping to have a small update on Friday, but alas, this too might come on Monday instead. Sigh. The best laid plans....!

In yarn, the only thing going on right now is winding of the November club yarn. I'd like to get International out on the 6th, and Domestic out on the 13th. Meanwhile, the next round is open, but I won't really start talking about it until after I send out this round. I'm excited about the colors for next round but have absolutely no swag ideas yet! I'd best get to brainstorming!

In other things.... I'm thinking about having a holiday sale this year. I'm kind of thinking a daily thing for about a month, starting the Friday after Thanksgiving, and making it a different thing every day -- so I'd post first thing in the morning what the deal is for the day (special discounts on a certain item, or free shipping, or whatever) and every day it would change. I'm thinking about calling it "the 25 Days of Christmas" just because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I don't want anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas to feel left out or marginalized. So there's also that to think about. Whatever I decide to call it, I'd better decide soon!

So that's about it for me this week... what about y'all? What are you working on? What are you in the middle of? What keeps sidetracking you?

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