Things-in-Progress Thursday (11/09/17)

Things-in-Progress Thursday (11/09/17)

If I'm a day late writing my Wip Wednesday post next week, I'm going to have to change the graphic I use!

In ceramics I'm listing a ton of Tiki mugs this week. OK, I exaggerate... it's probably only about 20 lbs or so. But it feels like a lot! If you're afraid you've missed out on me talking about listing the one you wanted, check out my new Tiki Collection. You'll be able to find them all there! I've got a few things to list that I'm going to save to next week, just so this entire week isn't filled with only new things. And this Friday I'll post a little recap of some things I've stocked/restocked in the last couple of weeks.

In soap I'm trying to catch up on restocks; I mentioned the other week that I'd be making soap on Tuesdays for a while; I had a small update over the weekend and I'll probably have another small update this Friday or Saturday... I have at least one more Tuesday to go before I'm caught up on everything I've sold out of. I'm working so hard on getting caught up that I'm not going to have time to make any Christmas/Holiday guest soap sets this year; I do have the acorns and the maple leaves, if you're looking for anything autumn-ish to gift. Drop me a line if you want to talk about packaging!

In yarn not much is going on other than getting ready to send out the third installment of this yarn club (International went out yesterday... or was it Tuesday? This week is really blurring together!). And I'm planning the next round of club! Vincent van Gogh for the win!

In other things I'm just about done giving next year a rough shape. This year I went off on some wild off-road trips (business-wise), things that I definitely wanted to do and don't regret doing, but taking them on meant that a lot of other, regular maintenance things sort of fell by the wayside... and that, I do regret. So I'm looking at next year a little differently. I'm flipping through the last few years of bullet journals, looking at things I did, how long they took me, how well or terribly they were received, and I'm thinking of 2018 more in terms of rediscovering basics rather than setting out on new roads. One of the six billion hardest things to do when you are self-employed is being able to objectively view what you're doing and make course corrections. It's hard to be objective!

I thought there was something else I was going to say.... Oh! I'm going to do a Christmas sale this year! Well, a Giftmas sale. The 25 Days of Giftmas. Starting the Friday after Thanksgiving I'm going to offer a daily rotation of specials; sometimes it'll be a limited edition item, sometimes it'll be a discount, sometimes it'll be free shipping, sometimes it'll be... well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out! I'll have a blog post with some more details next week, because Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Peace out, y'all!

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