This Week Only: Always mugs

This Week Only: Always mugs

This week I have three mugs that have some glaze imperfections - splotches, and ghosts of color. This is only cosmetic - it doesn't affect the structure or usability of the mug at all! Can you deal with a few glaze imperfections? How about if it comes with a 30% discount? Check them out here.



Will you still be re-reading that beloved book, that series that meant so much to you in your life journey, when you are old and sitting in your rocking chair? Will you continue to return to the lands in those books, the characters, the humor and the heartbreak? Will you, each time you re-read them, find something in them you never saw before, something that makes you examine who you are and how you were shaped by those books? You can answer that in one word: always.


These mugs were glazed with non-toxic food-safe glazes, and are dishwasher safe. And while I have been known to put my own ceramics in the microwave, I don't officially recommend it -- the rapid change in temperature can cause the glaze to cool more quickly than the ceramic, which retains heat, and so shrinks at a slower rate. This can occasionally call what is called "crazing" (oddly enough this is both a defect, when the piece is functional, and a desired effect, when the piece is decorative, like a vase). Crazing is when the glaze cools faster than the ceramic piece, making small cracks in the glaze. This can happen immediately or even years later, and personally I've seen it happen on many of the commercial mugs I own that I put in the microwave often.

Approximate Height: 4.5 inches
Approximate Width: 3.25 inches at lip of mug
Approximate Weight: 10 ounces
Will hold approximately: 13 ounces


Needful things. Limited time offers. One-offs. Specials. Unique goods. Prototypes. Things I'm testing, items I'm moving out, or designs I'm getting ready to rethink and rework. There's only a few of them - maybe even just one or two! - and they're only here for a limited time. Whatever is here, it's here this week only (or less than  a week, if it sells out quickly)! Items are rotated out on Sunday afternoons!


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