This Week Only: Baseball Mugs

This Week Only: Baseball Mugs

This week only, off-season baseball mugs! 50% off the original price! But I will still send you 100% of the mug! CAN YOU DIG IT?

Got a Sportsball lover in your group of people? It's not this particular sportsball season right now, which means it's a great time to grab one of these babies up while it's on sale. Whether it's used to drink coffee, tea, some other beverage, or kept on the desk as a pen and pencil cup... it's sure to make you want to take someone out to the ball game!

Approximate Height: 4 inches
Approximate Width: 4.5 inches at widest point
Approximate Weight: 12 oz
Holds approximately: 16 oz


Needful things. Limited time offers. One-offs. Specials. Unique goods. Prototypes. Things I'm testing, items I'm moving out, or designs I'm getting ready to rethink and rework. There's only a few of them - maybe even just one or two! - and they're only here for a limited time. Whatever is here, it's here this week only (or less than  a week, if it sells out quickly)! Items are rotated out on Sunday afternoons!

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