This Week Only: Day of the Dead mugs

This Week Only: Day of the Dead mugs

This week's limited-time offering: Day of the Dead mugs


El Día de los Muertos, El Dia de Muertos, Dias de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead; celebrated November 1st and 2nd as the living joyously receive back the souls of departed loved ones for just a short time. It is a celebration of life, this triumph over death, and also a reminder that death is the great equalizer - it comes to both poor and rich alike. Celebrate those mornings - or any morning that you need a reminder of a loved one and the passage of time - with these Day of the Dead skeleton-inspired mugs.

As they are hand-built, each one is a little bit different as far as height and weight go, but the approximate dimensions are listed below:

Approximate Height: 4.5 inches
Approximate Width: 3.25 inches
Approximate Weight: 8 to 11 ounces
Holds Approximately: 16 ounces


You may be asking "what's the deal with these 'this week only' pieces, anyway?". While my primary online shop is HaldeCraft, I do have a small Etsy store (which is where I started out). Every year around August and September, I beef up the Etsy shop in preparation for the holidays... and every year I don't do as good a job as I intended, because I'm already busy then. So this year I'm trying to build it up in June and July, and at the same time, bring in some new items and planned redesigns of other items into the primary shop. All during the summer, when it's a little slower, rather than thinking about it all summer and then not having enough time in the Fall. I want to make sure that people who follow my primary shop have a last chance to get some things at a marked-down price before I move it over to Etsy, I want to make sure people know some things are moving, and as sometimes the "this week only" items are limited one-shots, I want a place for them without having to write and keep track of an entire listing when the item might sell out within a few days.

Any questions? Give me a shout! Thanks, y'all!

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