This Week Only: Mushroom Bowls

This Week Only: Mushroom Bowls

This week only, some hecking cool bowls, 50% off their usual price!

When were you born? What kind of kitchen did you grow up with? Chances are you might be familiar with this 1970s-era double-sided mushroom design, popular in kitchens all over the country. Revisit your childhood (or your imagined childhood) with these retro inspired dishes. Extensive testing has shown that these dishes do in fact make food served in them 103% more groovy*!

*percentages may be a little off, or even entirely made up. Shhh!

These bowls were glazed with non-toxic food-safe glazes, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, be aware that microwaving can occasionally (but not always) cause what is called "crazing" which appears as small cracks in the glaze. Why? Glaze cools more quickly than ceramic (which retains heat) and so shrinks at a slower rate than the glaze. This can happen immediately or even years later, and personally I've seen it happen on many of the commercial pieces I own that I put in the microwave often.

Approximate Height: 3 inches
Approximate Width: 4 inches
Approximate Weight: 9 ounces

PLEASE NOTE: each bowl comes with two different mushroom designs, one on each side for both sides of the bowl. You will get a bowl with two different mushroom designs on it.

Needful things. Limited time offers. One-offs. Specials. Unique goods. Prototypes. Things I’m testing, items I’m moving out, or designs I’m getting ready to rethink and rework. There’s only a few of them – maybe even just one or two! – and they’re only here for a limited time. Whatever is here, it’s here this week only (or less than  a week, if it sells out quickly)! Items are rotated out on Sunday afternoons!

Until next Sunday – or until sold out, whichever comes first – you can find them here.
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