This Week Only: Tentacle mugs (seconds)

This Week Only: Tentacle mugs (seconds)

On sale this week, two tentacle mugs that I just wasn't happy with upon taking them out of the kiln. But people have asked me about them, so here they are!

The two original black and pink tentacle mugs had paint issues; the black ran a little more than I thought it would, and even though I painted the pink over the black, you can still see some black drips and splashes  on the tentacles. Please be sure to take a close look at the second and third photos before purchasing, as these are definitely seconds and not perfect!

Height: 6 inches (including handle loop)
Width: 3 inches at lip of mug
Weight: 13 ounces
Holds Approximately: 13 ounces

Until next Sunday – or until sold out, whichever comes first – you can find them here.

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