Three weeks left to get into yarn club!

Three weeks left to get into yarn club!

There's only three weeks left to get into the January - March round of yarn club... less, if it sells out before then! Are you thinking about joining club but are on the fence? Let me give you some pros and cons...

Oh, but first, let me tell you what club is about! For three months, you get a carefully hand-dyed skein of yarn (in fingering or worsted weight, your choice) in a colorway inspired by a theme. The theme this time around are fairy tales having to do with the ocean, and (as seen in the black & white teaser picture above) all three colorways this time around are tonal/semi-solid. No multi-colors this time around! These colors would be great for complicated patterns (personally I love me some cables) where the pattern does all the wow-work.

So, onto the pros and cons!

Let's do the cons first. Why should you not join club?
- maybe you're not a joiner. And that's fine!
- while you can control the weight of the yarn (fingering or worsted), you can't control the color -- that's always a surprise. A lot of people like to see the yarn before they buy it, to make sure they would like to work with it.
- this is the time of year of Heavy Shopping. You might not have $65-$80 to drop on yourself right now.

And now, the pros. Why should you join club?
- once a month I send you a thought-out, hand-made present! That you'll love, because you love yarn.
- $65 is less than you'd spend on those three skeins of yarn outright (retail price on that yarn is more like $77, and if you add swag into that, you're spending $80 for more like $98 worth of goodies).
- Community. You would not believe the community of supportive, caring, wickedly funny and smart people who have grown up around HaldeCraft. While most business suggestions right now involve starting a Facebook group for your followers, 90% of HaldeCraft regulars are crocheters, knitters, and spinners, and we already have a hoppin' group going on Ravelry. Come join us (even if you decide not to join club this round)!
- exclusive colors, available only to club members. Like that color you got that one month? If you were in club, you could order more of it any time you wanted, in any base I have available. Need a sweater quantity? Need an extra skein? I've got your back.
- you'd be supporting a woman-run, one-person, made-with-love craft business.
- it's yarn. You don't really need to justify it.

So, there it all is. If this has peaked your interest in club, you can read some more details here. Thanks, y'all!

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