Too early; no brain; send coffee

Too early; no brain; send coffee

I have already written three posts this morning and deleted all of them, because I am just not really awake enough to formulate coherent thoughts yet today (I stayed up late last night to watch The Talking Dead after The Walking Dead, because I needed the therapy of Chris Hardwick after that episode!). That's all I'll say about that, though - believe me, I could say a lot more, but I don't want to spoil anyone if you haven't seen it yet.

SO! Moving on!

Last week I did a lot of behind-the-scenes things. Quarterly sales tax. Evaluation of quarterly plans for Oct-Dec, and looked ahead to Q1 of next year. Oh, and I got yarn club and soap club out. All necessary stuff, some of it even fun... but none of it very photograph-able. So I took time to prep a lot of photos to sprinkle though my social media updates for the next couple of months. Is that cheating? Is it cheating if I took enough pictures of mugs to post a #mugshotmonday picture to get through both November and December? Is it cheating if I styled my lightbox with books and flowers and took fancy photos of products in order to have things waiting in the wings for weeks I don't have much to talk about? Because I feel I've fallen behind in social media (both in having exciting things to post and in responding to people) and I do much better planning ahead, or feeling that I have things to fall back on during weeks like last week when most of my time is spent at the computer.

This week I want to do some work! Especially get some throwing in... I haven't done a bisque firing since... whoa, since early August. I've done some glaze firings, but my fingers haven't been in clay in too many weeks. Must get muddy this week!

One thing that's on my mind right now (and was the topic of one of my deleted posts this morning, heh) are craft shows, and "you know what you should do" comments. Which are kind of separate thoughts, but are also kind of the same.

See, it's getting into craft show season, holiday season, busy season. And I don't just mean retail, but personally, as well. Parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, friends coming into town or coming through town on their way to holiday celebrations... and applications for craft shows are coming in right and left. I could conceivably apply to be in a craft show almost every weekend between now and Christmas. But just because you can, does that mean you should? I mean, if I do ten craft shows between now and Christmas... when am I supposed to have time to make things for those shows? Do I take everything out of stock from my website to stock the craft shows? Then what do I sell online? And when do I go to the annual Christmas parties thrown by friends? When do I get to do my holiday shopping or making? When do I get to sit down and binge all my favorite Christmas movies, and knit for a day? Do I short my self, to better my business numbers, to make up for slow sales over the summer? Because I kind of feel that shorting my self *does* short my business. Spreading my energy too thin, committing to too many things, not giving my self time and space to recharge between events... that is bad for my business. So if you see me go to Disney one weekend when all my peers are posting about craft shows, that's why. I'm not being irresponsible, I'm recharging my batteries so that I can bring you the best HaldeCraft I can.

OK; I have rambled on enough now. My coffee has gone cold and that's a travesty. Happy Monday, y'all!

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