WiP Wed (01/22/20)

WiP Wed (01/22/20)

What a week, y’all! I wound up postponing today’s dentist appointment just so there would be one day this week I didn’t have to drive into Gainesville, and I could put in a good strong day of work instead.

In ceramics I’m doing some slab-work this week, getting ready to restock the skull pieces, and taking stock of what I’ve already made for the Mardi Gras HaldeCrate and what other pieces, if any, need to be added.

In soap, I have laughingly discovered how cold it has to get in Florida for one of the Studio Cats to start eyeing the soap crock pots as a warm place to try to climb into… even when there’s water in them. Oh, Socks. So I have to wait until it warms up a little before I can start making soap again, because he keeps trying to climb on top or even inside of them, and that makes it really hard for me to actually… make the soap. Haha. I did get some made earlier this week, but I need to get some ceramic painting done before I can carve out time to get it all wrapped. Look for a soap update in early February!

In yarn, I just released Tatterhood (note to self, don’t forget to start a thread for that on Ravelry!) and this week I’m showing off the Mardi Gras HaldeCrate yarn. I’ve kept pre-orders for the HaldeCrate open for an extra week because of that, so get your orders in, y’all! The only way to guarantee you get what you want from the HaldeCrate is to pre-order, because everything is not guaranteed to have extras for general sale.

In HaldeCrate, lots, lots, lots! I made the soap earlier this week, but still need to get to the hand lotion and lip balm (it’s on my list for tomorrow). The example skeins are done, the Cosmic Maker level of Patreon has had their skeins mailed out (you do know about that level, right? No access to the fiction I’m writing, but what you do get is a skein of yarn every month, and during the year of 2020 the yarns you’ll be getting are the next month’s new HaldeCraft colorway - so you get them earlier than everyone else!). Now I need to make a list of what’s been pre-ordered, and work on those. I’ll wait until the end of the week, though, since I extended pre-orders. And as I mentioned above, I’m working on ceramics. Oh! And I need to do the stitch markers, but that’s something I can even do in the evening while watching TV.

In Patreon, let’s see… I’ve got the rest of the January Hanks posts already written (note to self, look through February 2008 photos to see what I need to write about next!). I’ve been working on both mapping and timeline for my fiction, and think I have found perfect software for both of those things. I feel like I’m still behind on Sandhill posts, but nobody has knocked on my door with a torch and a pitchfork, demanding to know about gopher tortoises or native flowers, so I guess it’s OK…? (* peers out of curtains into front yard, looking for rioters *). And I’ll have another chapter, catching up with Noelle, in about two weeks.

In knitting, not much is happening at the moment. I am getting some spinning done, though! I’ve been bringing my wheel with me to the Farmer’s Market on Fridays, and spinning up 3-4 ounces while I’m there.

In other things… speaking of doing things in the evening while watching TV, January is the month I spend catching up on the last year’s worth of inventory and accounting. Sure, sure, a NORMAL and ADULT person would probably do this weekly. Or at least monthly. But no, hahaha. I like to do it all at once, you know, so that I forget in the intervening eleven months how I typed in everything last year, and stress out about getting it all done before handing off my paperwork to Tim to get our taxes done. Hahaha. Work at home, kids! Live the dream!

I think that’s about it for now….? I just finished a custom order I’ve been working on since October, but have two more since about the same time that still need my attention. Oh, and I just finished another virtual race! This one was around the Woodstock area of New York, and had lovely forested views. I'll show off the medal when it comes in. Next up? Yosemite National Park! So far that's just roadways, but I'm barely into it so we'll see.

How are you doing? How's your week? What's new with you? Anything exciting going on in your life? What are you working on or knitting or crocheting or spinning or baking or planning? What are you getting used to or looking forward to? How are you?!

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