WiP Wed (01/27/21)

WiP Wed (01/27/21)

Goooooooooood morning! It’s Wednesday, right? I wound up running into Gainesville for a quick errand yesterday, which was fun but also wasn’t part of the routine I’m trying to get back to, so really I had a moment this morning of… wait, is today Sunday? Did I go into town on a Saturday? Y’all. My brain, sometimes! It doesn’t help, too, that I’m writing this while starting my first cup of coffee, so I am definitely not really awake yet.

In ceramics this week, I’m doing some handbuilding. I’m trying to figure out what ceramics I’d like to make for the Under the Sea Collection, I’m working on more mugs for FirePower Coffee, I’m getting some glaze work fired, and I’ve got some ideas about some new things. I have a large wall-mounted extruder, that I use to make mug handles with; I just ordered a new die for it that’s for test tiles — you just squeeze out one long test tile and cut it into lengths. BAM. I can not WAIT until that gets here and I can play with it! At the same time I ordered a smaller hand-held “clay gun” that does the same thing for handles but on a smaller scale. A couple of times I’ve been short, like, one handle, and while I love the wall-mounted one it is a pain to load it up if you just need one small thing.

In soap, there’s an update this week of the new bars, and I’ll have another update next week, and if I have time to wrap everything I will have another update the week after that.

In yarn, the only thing going on right now is the yarn for Patrons, but I do have a list of restocks that need to be made. I was going to do that a couple of weeks ago, I think I mentioned this, but I felt I was so low on soap that it would be better to focus on getting those back up to stock.

In Seasonal Collections, like I said above, I’m working on figuring out what ceramics to make. I’ve played around with a few things but haven’t really liked anything I’ve made yet, so I’m still in the “drawing board” stage in this one… my ‘drawing board’ is really a ‘making board’ though because sketching things out has never really been my strong suit. Figuring stuff out by putting it together does work for me, though.

In Patreon, I’m working on the last bit of a bonus chapter - I was almost done, didn’t like where it was going, so scrapped it and started over again. I’m much happier with it now even though I’m now a few weeks behind!

That’s pretty much it for me right now… what about y’all? What are you working on? How’s your week going? What are you getting checked off (or not checked off) on your to-do list?


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