WiP Wed (02/17/21)

WiP Wed (02/17/21)

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! I actually started this with “Good Morning” but then I took a nap, and then I got some glazing done, and it’s 2:30 and I’m just now sitting back down to the computer. Tulip, the new rescue cat, has recently discovered the Rest of the House, and also that she loves snuggles, and is Not Happy that our house sleeps with the bedroom door shut, denying her either of snuggles (if she’s outside the bedroom) or her cat box (if she’s inside the bedroom). We’re going to have to figure out how to set some boundaries here… but holy cow is she cute when she’s getting petted. She is the luckiest stray cat ever! Anyway, my rambling point here is that other than a nap that kind of made me think it’s now Thursday, I’ve been up since a little before 5 AM. So forgive me if I’m a touch punchy. Anyway! Here’s what I’m working on this week…

In ceramics, I’m having a lot of fun with my new test tile die for the extruder… as soon as I get everything reworked, I’ll take new photos for the color page on the website. I’m also working on a lot of restocks, especially the decal mugs. I should have those by the end of next week. I also want to get the be/bee magnets restocked soon, have a few custom orders that are done so I can start working on some others, am still working on mugs for FirePower Coffee, and as soon as I’m done with my accounting work, I’ll start making a list of allllll the other things I need to restock!

In soap, I’ve had a few small updates, and am getting ready to start making even more soap next week. I do have two small disappointments - unfortunately my notes are in the other building so I can’t remember which two fragrances they were, but when I went to go place a fragrance order the other week, two of the fragrances I love aren’t being made any more. I know one was Tortuga Hills, and I think the other one might have been Blackberry Iced Tea, but I need to find the paper I wrote the note on before I commit to that. So now comes that question I ask myself every time a fragrance is discontinued… do I replace it with something similar or really, don’t I have enough fragrances right now?

In yarn, I do have a list of restocks I need make, but yarn keeps getting pushed to the side these days to make time for soap. I did dye this month’s Patreon yarn, though, and as soon as it dries (we’ve had some heckin’ humid weather lately) I’ll get it rewound and mailed out.

In Seasonal Collections, I’ve decided on a yarn bowl for the Under the Sea Collection, but that’s all I’ve settled on. I’d best get to thinking, though, because I’m not leaving myself a lot of time to make things.

In Patreon, a chapter went up last weekend, and I’m working on another section of rewrites… then I want to enlarge the last bonus chapter, and get another chapter up in about three weeks. I need to send out postcards, I have the ceramics done and can send those out, and the yarn is dyed but not dry enough yet to rewind and mail (I’d like to send out yarn and ceramics on the same day… maybe Friday? Next Monday?). Anyway, in addition to ceramics, and yearly accounting woes, writing is in my Top Three list of things this week.

In knitting, I’ve got almost another whole block section done in the log cabin blanket. I really want to start a new pair of socks for myself, but am waiting to start those until all I have left to do on the afghan is the border.

In other things, my tattoo is healing up nicely! That’s all I can think of that I haven’t already mentioned… which of course gives me that “I’ve forgotten something” feeling….!

And that’s about it for me this week. It’s been a busy week, in part with me finishing a lot of custom orders and getting those out, and y’all… I can’t thank you enough. Whether you support me by buying my handcrafts, or support me on Patreon, or support me by liking and commenting on my posts and sharing my work… I appreciate you. I appreciate you so very much. You’re not just watching me take this journey, you’re with me on the path. Thank you.

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