WiP Wed (02/24/21)

WiP Wed (02/24/21)

Another Wednesday? Already? Feels like we just had one! Let’s see… what am I working on this week… I mean, besides trying to work around the cat who wants to live between me and the keyboard, making it impossible for me to type…

In ceramics, I’m at a crossroad between Test Tile City and Decal Village. I want to spend all my time in both those locations, they’re so fun and addictive! I should have a big decal item update on Friday (well, opening the kiln Friday, and I’ll get everything up as fast as I can but it may take me through Saturday or even Monday to finish telling you everything about it).

In soap, same as last week. I have a list of things to make, but not the time to make them.

In yarn, also same as last week, I think. I got the February Patreon yarn in the mail, and am looking at folk and fairy tales for March. Although, I have to admit, with my new tattoo I’ve been thinking a lot about Watership Down lately, and I may need to do another bun-bun color. Who haven’t I done yet? Clover? Blackavar? Ooo, Prince Rainbow! Rabscuttle?

In Patreon, I was working on some rewrites earlier this week but am about to switch gears and go back to the next Chapter. Is it weird to jump around like that? Eh, I don’t know if it’s weird or not, but it seems to be working for me, so…

In knitting, I wound up an extra skein I had of the February Patreon yarn, and even though I’m not done with the afghan yet, I’m going to reward myself for finishing my tax stuff by casting on a new pair of socks. So, as soon as I’m done with that tax stuff…???

That’s about it for me right now… it’s time to go put another coat of glaze on those ceramics! Tell me about yourself. What are you working on this week? What’s exciting you? What’s boring you? What are you just slogging through? What are you wanting to spend more time with?

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