WiP Wed (03/06/24)

WiP Wed (03/06/24)

I hate it when I forget to cross-post the blog posts I write over on Patreon, here. Good thing nobody reads these....? 

This is definitely one of those weeks, y'all. Yesterday started with me getting locked in Troublesome's Catio, when I pulled the door shut behind me so he couldn't get out and the outside latch dropped and slid into its catch (the latch on the bottom right in this picture below). It took me about half an hour finding the right stick on the ground and trying it... I needed something thin enough to get through the crack in the door but thick enough that it wouldn't break when I tried to force the latch up. Jeff wasn't home or I would have just texted him and asked him to come let me out. Sigh. Lesson learned... keep a credit card inside the Catio, I guess....? Anyway, the day never got any better after that, and everything either broke or didn't work or took longer than it should have an I didn't get done the two things I wanted to get done yesterday until close to 9 PM. Seriously. TWO THINGS. Sigh. 

Anyway. I'm getting some work done this week, sort of. Not a lot, but some.

I made a couple of new butter dishes, to replace the butter dishes I made last week (the week before?) that dried funkily. And I have a lot of bisque that I want to try to get glazed before my travels start! 

In soap, I had a small soap update last Friday, and I'm working on the list for the next update. I don't know, though, if with everything that I'm juggling, if I'll be able to make soap before my travels start (more on those travels in a minute). 

In yarn, I have some new gift baskets listed, and I'm working on some new colorways for the shop. I'm thinking of using things around the property as inspiration, so new colorways later this year might include things like "Red-Bellied Woodpecker" or "White-tailed Deer" or "Red-shouldered Hawk." Probably won't be any "Turkey Vulture" though. I mean, they're majestic when they fly, but have you ever seen one up close?! Yeesh. 

And I'm still learning/playing around with/making random things with my new laser cutter/engraver. I tell you what, that thing is ADDICTIVE. I want to make ALL THE THINGS! Unfortunately I do not have ALL THE TIME. I do like that it can cut stuff out or engrave stuff as I'm doing other things, but I can't really leave the room when it's running, because everything is so flammable. I don't want to be out of the room if anything goes wrong - I want to be right there with the fire extinguisher! 

So! Travels! I've got two different travels lined up in March. ICFA, the International Conference on the Fantastic, is in Orlando next week, the 13th-17th. I have plans to go to that, but my plans may be thwarted if there aren't any drop-outs at the place I have lined up for Doggy Sleepaway Camp. I thought setting things up three weeks in advance would be enough, but alas, I didn't know that ICFA is also during Spring Break week for most of Clay County, and everyone is full as far as boarding goes. So I might wind up being a sudden drop-out for ICFA. 

Fortunately, Jeff is still around, so he's going to watch my girls while I go to Ireland (he's going to ICFA with us so he can't watch them, then). So I don't have to worry about getting them boarded for that. But you BET as soon as I get the dates settled for my August trip, which hopefully I'll have finalized by the end of March, I'll be putting a boarding request in ASAP. And for my trip in November at the same time. 

Anyway, that's about it for me. There's a gazillion things I need to be doing today - I can't find the floor in some parts of my studio, there's social media to catch up on, and I'm obsessed with checking my new bird livecam every twelve minutes. 

I mean COME ON! I'm worse than one of the cats, I swear, I just can't take my eyes off this thing. Big props to my friend Su who bought one, which instigated me buying one. I'd wanted one for a while, thought it was frivolous, but when I saw the videos they were posting I was like "I WANT TO BE FRIVOLOUS!" Now I'm thinking about getting a second one. And one of my stops today in Gainesville will be at Wild Birds Unlimited to buy a selection of birdseed instead of just the one kind I usually get. 

So, that's me, that's my week. What about y'all? What are you working on? What do you feel like you're falling behind on? How do you juggle that? Reading anything good this week? Watching anything good? Seen Dune 2? Heard any great new music lately? Do tell! 


PS. Ireland in 21 days! 

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