WiP Wed (03/10/21)

WiP Wed (03/10/21)

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means! An exhausting list of what I’m working on! Just kidding - I’m not working on too much this week because I’m busy moving office furniture around.

In ceramics, I’m working on some custom orders, and getting some glazing done in prep for a decal firing soon.

In soap, part of my rearranging is to give me a dedicated spot for soap, so I won’t have to switch out yarn and soap stuff any more (don’t ask me where I’ll pot plants, I haven’t really gotten that far yet).

In yarn, kind of the same as soap. I can’t dye anything this week (even though I wanted to do the Patreon yarn) because of moving furniture. Next week is going to be busy!

In Patreon, a new chapter went up last week, and I’m trying to find time to catch up with the open Hanks posts (and some other open posts).

In knitting, I have a pair of socks I want to work on, and an afghan I should be working on, but I am working on neither.

That’s about it for me! Like I said, not much going on this week that isn’t about moving furniture (and the stuff that was on top and underneath that furniture).

What about you? How’s your week? Are you working on anything exciting?

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