WiP Wed (03/23/21)

WiP Wed (03/23/21)

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! Thank goodness I don’t have to raise my arm to type… yesterday, after my vaccine, I felt well enough that I was like, “oh, tomorrow I can dye a little yarn and do some slabrolling - my arm hardly hurts, so heavy lifting and wedging will be fine!” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yesterday, it just sort of felt like I’d hit my arm on a doorframe… this morning, it feels like a horse kicked me. It’s definitely going to be an “arm at my side and eat a lot of Tylenol” kind of day!

In ceramics, I’m glad I had a good kiln firing and another one coming up this week, because I’m sure not going to be making anything, haha! Although I’m right-handed, and got the shot in my left arm, so maybe I can at least get some painting done. I have some detailed pieces I’ve not had time to get to, and this might be a fine day to dive into those. Oh! And I fell down in a few online shops last week, and got some new templates and forms - I can not WAIT for them to get here so I can start on them. Watch them all come in today, when my arm hurts too much to wedge clay, hahahahaha.

In soap, I did get a little soap made earlier this week, and hopefully I’ll have time to get it wrapped over the weekend!

In yarn, I finally have time and space to get started on restocks. I got the March Patreon colorway started a little later than I’d intended, but it’s almost dry and I should be able to get it in the mail tomorrow. And then… restocks! SO many restocks, as fast as they dry and I can get them rewound, I’ll have restocks! Er, as soon as my arm no longer feels like it’s been kicked by a donkey, and I can start lifting the dye pots, that is.

In Patreon, pretty much the same as last week. I’m pleased with the more regular blog posts over the last couple of weeks, but still haven’t

had time to pick back up on the Hanks posts.

In knitting, also the same as last week! I’ve got a pair of socks that I get a row or three done every other day, and that afghan that’s making me feel guilty about working on the socks instead of it.


In other things… what else is there? Covid vaccine, that’s the big news for me this week. Is there anything you’re curious about that I’ve forgotten to mention lately? Let’s see… we got Tulip spayed a couple of weeks ago, and she’s completely recovered from that. And she’s starting to fit in with the other House Girls. There’s less hissing now, and more of cats looking at each other and weighing the reward of warm snuggles with another cat versus the payment of maybe getting screeched at for trying to snuggle. Things are settling. In the last month I’ve also given two tours to my Goddessdaughters of the town; they both got accepted into the University here, and I was so thrilled to be able to give them tours of Gainesville from a native’s point of view. So not just “here’s the campus” but also “here are all these locally owned, really good places,” and “here’s where your dad and I ate/hung out/got drunk”. I’m a little heartbroken and angry at him for not being here to help me give that tour, but … hopefully I did our stories justice. I’m still here to tell his stories, and through me, they’ll get to know their dad as a person, see him, understand him, as they grow and go through similar things that shaped him.

So I guess that’s about it for me this week… how about you? What are you working on/reading/watching/planting/making/eating/baking….? How’s your week going? Have you gotten a Covid vaccine yet? How’s the weather where you are? Still snowing? I was wearing socks to bed three nights ago, I was so cold, and then this weekend it’s supposed to get up to 90. 90!!! Ugh! Anyway… I should wrap this up and get it posted, so I can go on to the next stage of my day (which will probably be finding out how much I can do or not do with a sore arm, haha). Did I say Happy Wednesday already? Happy Wednesday!

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