WiP Wed (03/31/21)

WiP Wed (03/31/21)

It’s Wednesday, and I was planning on having a productive week, but, hahaha! Joke is on me! It started off productive, but is coming to a screeching halt when I shut things down at the end of the day today - I’ve got family coming into town and need to take a few days off. I’ll be around for email and questions, and I’ll try to mail out packages but they might not get out until Monday, April 5th (just an FYI). But I have gotten some good work done, started, and at a good pausing place to pick it back up on Monday. Want to hear about it?

In ceramics, I’ve gotten some fun handbuilding test pieces done, and also started on the soap dish restocks - I’m doing a craft show at the end of April and I’d like to have a full stock of them by then. I’ve also recently become obsessed with the idea of using small wooden plaques as forms for some ceramics, and I ordered some new templates that should be here soon, so… expect a lot of fun stuff as I have time. Or as I make time, because this is all stuff I really want to be working on!

In soap, I’ve gotten some restocks made, but need time to get everything wrapped. And with this batch, I’m out of soap base again. Hopefully it won’t take me more than a few weeks to get more in, and then it just comes down to that old “having the time” routine. I really, really would love to be about three people!

In yarn, I’ve gotten some solid color restocks dyed. As soon as they dry - which I’m sure they will over the few days that I’m off - then I can get them rewound next week, and listed the week after that. Yay restocks! I’ll be working on multi-color restocks next week. Those will take longer to dye, so look for those in maybe about three weeks?

In Patreon, I’m hoping to have a chapter up this Sunday, but with family coming into town, I may have to bump that back a week. I had to bump the Patreon “First Friday” online hangout to the second Friday, so… just saying. Hope for it, but understand if I have to push it back!

In knitting, nothing really going on right now, but with some family social time coming up hopefully I’ll have a little time to work on those socks!

In other things, the next few weeks are looking to be pretty busy. Tulip has a checkup vet appointment in a little bit this morning. Family in town Thursday through Sunday. The week after that, I get my second vaccine (Pfizer) on the 13th. The week after that I have a dentist appointment (note to self: floss more). And then a few days after that is Spring GLAM (shout out to my locals!). In between then I need to get two chapters written, everything restocked that I sold out of at Winter GLAM that I haven’t restocked yet, get all that yarn dyed and rewound, get the soap I have made wrapped, and then get more base and make more soap for GLAM. Oh, and before the 20th, I have to figure my 2021 Q1 sales tax (note to self: do NOT forget this!).

I think that’s about it for me…? What about all y’all? How are you? How’s your 2021 shaping up, a few months in now? What are you doing this week? What are you working on? Reading? Watching? Listening to? Mulling over? Who’s or what is making you smile? Tell me about your week!

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