WiP Wed (04/24/24)

WiP Wed (04/24/24)

Big surprise, but I didn't hit the ground running when I got back from Ireland! I have been doing a few behind-the-scenes cleaning up of things, though. I've been working on my website (taking some things off that haven't sold well and I'm not going to make any more). Because of that I need to clean up the navigation and collection photos, and I'm going to be working on that for the next couple of days. I've also been working on cleaning up my studio, which... frankly... is quite the disaster.

I forget if I mentioned, before I left, that I was accepted into the Spring GLAM craft show. But when I got back, I realized that I was completely nuts, there was no way I could take a week off to go to Orlando with my aunt and uncle, come back for ten days, go to Ireland for three weeks, come back and ten days later do a craft show. Honestly... what was I thinking?!

I also don't remember if I mentioned that while I was gone, Jeff was going to do a lot of work that would be easier to do if I wasn't here (it was going to expose some insulation and possibly some mold, and definitely a lot of dust, and with my asthma it would be better if I was gone). So now my house is completely resided! And they (Jeff was doing the inside work, and we hired a guy with a small crew to do the outside work) absolutely rocked it! Jeff also put in a new window in the cat room (it used to be so dark on that end of the house and it's brightened things up considerably) and took out the fireplace (the chimney was the source of the leak, and that's now been taken out and sealed over).

That doesn't have anything to do with work, really, other than I've had stuff to clean up and find new homes for (with the fireplace gone, everything on the mantle had to be moved... somewhere....). And the animals have all been letting me know that they had zero, none, a definite lack of snuggles while I was gone. Nobody is leaving me alone and if I've sat down for more than two minutes I get either a dog or a cat or both in my lap.

As I've been working on website stuff, I've binged-watched Halo. I'm not a first-person-shooter gamer girl so I wasn't familiar with the story... I think I must have it confused with Portal in my mind because I kept looking for the "the cake is a lie" graffiti.... hahahaha. Yeah... wrong world....

I'm also almost done with the third Hugh Howey Silo book, Dust. Has anyone read them? Is it just me, or is Dust kind of a slog? It's not badly written, I just don't like what's happening to any of the characters. That and it seems like a lot of the characters are being ... wait, I shouldn't say, in case anyone else is reading and hasn't gotten that far. And if you have read the series, I'd love to talk to you about it!

I think that's about it for me this week. I'll be done with the behind the scenes stuff this weekend (I hope) so will get back to regular Making and Social Mediaing next week. What about y'all? What are you up to this week? What are you working on? What are you avoiding working on? Reading or watching anything good?

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