WiP Wed (04/29/20)

WiP Wed (04/29/20)

Whew. What a long strange trip we’re all on, eh? Every time I feel like I’m getting back into my groove, on my schedule, I stare at the wall for half a day and then am surprised that it’s after lunchtime and I’ve done practically nothing. Same for you….?

In ceramics, y’all have responded in a wonderful way to my WTF mugs! What started out as a joke on my personal Facebook page has turned into everyone’s Official 2020 Apocalypse/Pandemic Mug, haha. Now, because I got sidetracked with those (in a good way) my Under the Sea Collection might be running a little late - I’ll talk more about that in a second. I will be making some more mugs (I think as I write this there are two blue ones left but the brown ones are sold out) but most likely won’t be able to start on them until next week. They are a pretty quick turnaround, I just need to get a couple of other things off my plate first. I have a few custom orders I want to start working on as well (baby head planters! Yay!).

In soap, I had a small update this week, and I’ll have another small update next week. And I have more to wrap, when I can, which hopefully will mean another small update the week after next! HaldeSoap - for when your apocalypse needs to smell amazing! Hahahaha!

In yarn, I have a whole bunch of yarn that needs to be rewound so that I can list some restocks. And next week I’ll start dyeing the June yarn, so that come the middle of May I can mail off early skeins of that to Patreon supporters. I’m really looking forward to this colorway!

In HaldeCrate, like I said, I’m probably going to be a little behind with this next one, Under the Sea. Good thing I stopped taking pre-orders, I don’t feel quite as bad about being late! Like everyone, I’ve been juggling a lot, and I’ve been trying not to yell at myself for sometimes having mornings or afternoons when I can’t focus very well. I was emailing with a friend to get some info I needed and she was apologizing for not sending me all the info the first time, and I was like, hey, I’m surprised we’re not all cowering under our couches chewing on our hands, like a dog afraid on the Fourth of July. So if I’m a week behind on Under the Sea, but I’ve also put out almost 40 WTF mugs and done that Heartfelt Connection gift box… I’m OK. I’ve put some light out there and y’all have responded, and that does my heart so much good. Being a week late on these is not the end of the world.

In Patreon, I’m working on the next chapter - another solo Noelle chapter as I try to catch her story up to the same timeline as everyone else.

In knitting, on the same day I ordered like a hundred darning needles, I found all of my darning needles that I thought I’d lost. So I’ve woven in the ends on two pairs of arm warmers, and now I’m picking out the lifeline for the afterhought heel on a pair of socks. So I’ll have some finished objects to show off soon!

That’s about it for me this week. How are you guys doing? I understand that here in Florida, we’re going to here some time today if the state is going to open back up May 1st. I’ve seen so many people arguing about this that it’s making me a little sick and sad. Yes, the economy; but I’m sort of partial to not dying. I hope that wherever you are, whatever level of “open” your community is, that you are able to stay safe and healthy and that you and your loved ones are well. And tell me what you’re working on this week!

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