WiP Wed (06/12/19)

WiP Wed (06/12/19)

Good morning! How has your week been so far? I'm sitting here with fingers itching to type (and hopefully not misspell everything, since I'm also only halfway into my first cup of coffee as I write this) and a creative fire under me that wonders how early is too early to get over to my studio? Asking for a friend, haha!

Mostly what's going on this week is ceramics. I have some llama planters and some Buddha planters I want to get painted and glazed, I have some things in the kiln I can't wait to fire (I mean, literally, I have to wait - there's not enough in there yet to justify a firing. I'm just excited to get on it!). I just bought a couple of new rolling pins (y'all may need to stage an intervention, I'm really starting to amass a collection) and I can't wait to make some small dishes and test some glazes to see what works best with what texture design. And after I get this glaze firing done (I'm hoping for Friday or Saturday) I'll try another decal firing. Cross your fingers.

In soap, I did have a small update this week, and I have some more bars to wrap... so another small update will be coming next week, as well.

In yarn, I placed a good-sized base yarn order early this week that should allow me to bring in the rest of the Nagata and Jemisin colorways that aren't already dyed. Yay! And I have a few small restocks (mostly Yolen and Tepper, some Andre) that I'm sprinkling throughout the week.

Here's a question about updates -- do you all like more of a central, one-post update that tells you everything updated this week, all at once? Where, say, I post on Friday about the updates and list everything on Friday as well, and then next week, talk a little here and there about what I updated? Or sprinkle updates throughout the week and (most likely) don't make a post about it? I used to update on Fridays, with a big post about what was being listed, but then I started the Mug of the Month and since those list on Mondays... I don't know, I sort of got off track with large Friday updates and started spreading things throughout the week. Which does give me a little bit to talk about every day, but it doesn't really feel like I have impressive restocks any more (even though I do, they're just spread out over a few days). Anyway! I'm thinking about going back to the Friday updates/restocks. I will stop boring you with my thought processes now, haha!

Let's see... anything else for me? A few more random thoughts...

  • I'm thinking of having a "save me from the hammer" sale - wherein I list a whole bunch of random ceramics for $5 or $10, pulled from a shelf I call "the homeless ceramics shelf" (stuff that hasn't sold and I've given up on) and anything that doesn't sell, gets the hammer. I could use the shelf space and maybe all y'all would like to grab some cheap stuff (ceramics make great random gifts for friends and loved ones!).
  • I just have the heel on one sock and I'll have a finished pair in my Seaworthy colorway.
  • I'm so excited about the upcoming chapter of The Unreachable Star, I can hardly stand it. Are you reading? Are you caught up? You'll want to be!
  • Farscape - I'm watching Farscape with friends (online) four days a week and y'all, I remember why I loved this series so much. Unique characters, good dialogue, realistic character dynamics, and so many good practical effects.

That's it for me... what about y'all? How's your week going? What are you working on? Or avoiding working on?

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