WiP Wed (06/17/20)

WiP Wed (06/17/20)

Is it Wednesday? I feel like it might be Wednesday. I don’t know, I quit looking at my dayplanner about fifty-seven years ago, in March.

In ceramics this week, I’m toying around with some ideas, and also glazing and firing as fast as I can. The temps have been cool(ish), for Florida, in *checks calender* June, but it’s humid AF so I’ve been running the AC in the studio most days more to combat the humidity and get greenware and glazed bisque to dry faster.

In soap, there’s not a whole lot going on. I want to order some more soap supplies so I can do a Goat’s Milk restock soon, but I also keep checking to see that the same place has lotion supplies in stock so I can get it all at the same time. So far, no luck — I check ever few days and every few days their ETA is moved back another few days. Sigh. If they don’t have the lotion stuff in by, say, the 29th or 30th, I’ll just go ahead and order soap stuff. When I do get lotion and new lotion bottles in, what fragrances that I don’t currently offer, would you like to see?

In yarn, I think last week I said that I’d be releasing a colorway Friday, and I’m sorry if that messed y’all up! I meant this Friday, the 19th. Picture coming soon!

In HaldeCrate, I still need to do the blog post for the Under the Sea Collection, and make some decisions about the revisit to Cherry Bomb (how many pieces do I want to make? How much time do I have? Can I make everything I want to make in that time? What yarn colorway do I want to do? Am I skipping soap and lotion, since I’m having a hard time reliably getting supplies right now?).

In Patreon, I posted a short chapter this last weekend, and am working on the next one (first Sunday in July). I’m also getting ready to, at the end of this week, mail out June’s yarn to eligible Patrons. There are two yarn levels - one is just yarn, and one is yarn and fiction. The yarn is one of my standard bases, and the color is the next color that’s coming out at HaldeCraft for the rest of the year. In other words, I’m about to mail out the upcoming July color, as the June offering for Patrons. Next month, July, they’ll get the August colorway. Then, starting in December when I switch themes from “new yarns” to “yarns inspired by fairy tales and Norse literature” those will be Patron-only colors not available in the store. If you’re familiar with previous clubs I’ve done based on obscure feminist fairy tales, and Norse literature, you’ll be in love!

In knitting, sadly, not a single thing is going on right now. I have an entrelac scarf that I look at every night but only knit on maybe once a week… I do have a long-delayed thought of a linen stitch scarf for a friend, done with scraps of things, though, and I may get started on that soon.

I think that’s about it for me this week. My mind is on a friend who’s fighting The Big C, my heart is with all of my friends protesting and protecting, my brain is wandering around in my story, and my voice is raised in song in the studio as I work. I hope you’re taking care of yourself, being the bravest and most honest person you can be, and that if you are angry that anger doesn’t just point fingers but helps to point a new way. XOXO, y’all.

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