WiP Wed (06/19/19)

WiP Wed (06/19/19)

So many slab-rolled ceramics this week! It's messy and fun in the studio these days. So messy. AND SO FUN!

In ceramics, I'm having so much fun! Er, I mean, I'm working so hard! Haha! I've gotten a few new texture rolling pins and I just can't stop myself from playing with them - at the same time, I remembered about that honeycomb texture mat I have, and how I made a couple of small dishes that sold right out at GLAM... so I should make more, right?! And I'm getting a lot of glazing done - I should be in a good place to remake all those decal custom orders that got ruined the other week, really soon. Oh! And magnets! I pressed a bunch of new magnets, so I'll be remaking sold out ones and will have a few new ones in a couple of weeks.

In soap, y'all bought a lot of soap over the weekend (thanks for reading my newsletter! <3) so I'll be making a list this week of restocks that need to be made.

In yarn, I'm working on a somewhat secret project, (I'll talk about it more in a couple of weeks) but I'm also working on dyeing some Nagata and Jemisin yarn to bring those base yarns up to stock. Expect stock notifications over the next few weeks!

In knitting, I just found a pair of socks in the Coconut Cream colorway that I never finished... and I'm working on a plain pair of stockinette socks in some CSDye yarn... and I'm working on a pair of Monkey socks in some old old Colinette yarn I deep dug out of my stash. Of course the Monkey socks make me want to knit another pair of Sock Monkey Monkey socks, so... as soon as I finish one of these three pairs, I might cast that on. Anyone interested in another Sock Monkey Monkey sock knit-along?

In Patreon, would you believe I'm coming up on a year of writing?! Where did this last year go? It seems to have slipped by pretty quick like, there. There were some rough waters in the last year as I got my feet underneath me shuffling in this new thing - turns out adding in another almost full-time job to my already full-time job wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and I really fought admitting I couldn't keep doing everything I was doing at the level I was doing it... but the last month or so I've started to feel back on top of things, and I'm excited about the future. My personal future, the future of HaldeCraft, and of course, the future of these amazing people I'm writing about! Bonus chapter (How Tashi Met Jess) coming the last Sunday of this month, and Chapter 11 (tentatively titled Homeward Bound) coming the first Sunday of July.

And that's about it for me! What about y'all? What are you up to? What are you working on, baking, renovating, crocheting, knitting, reading, watching? What's taking space in your brain this week?

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