WiP Wed (07/03/19)

WiP Wed (07/03/19)

Whew, y'all, what a week! I woke up this morning and my first thought was "I'm so glad it's Saturday, I can sleep a little late" followed immediately by "OH WAIT." Hahaha. It's a good week, don't get me wrong - but I'm getting so much done it's confusing me that it's only Wednesday.

In ceramics, so many fun things! A couple of good restock and new bisque firings (new bisque is being glazed now and so expect some fun things in the next few weeks)... working on the HaldeCrate, the magnet portion of which has also inspired me to work on restocking my magnets and making some new ones that I'd just never gotten around to... and while I did have some bad luck with decal firings that put me behind in some custom orders, I should have the bulk of them completed by the end of this week. Whew!

In soap, I've got a few restocks this week, and I'll have some restocks next week, and then as soon as I'm done dyeing yarn I have a list of even more restocks to make (thanks, y'all! I love that you love my soap!).

In yarn, there are a good thirty skeins or so of One Hit Wonders that I need to reskein, and I'll slowly be adding those into stock as others sell out. Then I also have a new colorway coming up - an old club colorway voted to come back. There's about another day of dyeing to do, then drying, then reskeining. And I'm done dyeing the first skeins for the HaldeCrate and y'all, I am IN LOVE. LOOOOOOOOVE.

In Patreon, last Sunday there was a bonus chapter (how Tashi and Jess met) and this coming Sunday there will be a regular chapter.... our separated characters are getting closer to each other, although they don't know it yet. Will they, by the end of the chapter? You'll have to read it to find out.

In knitting, I finished my Colinette socks and started a new pair of socks in the HaldeCrate Cats & Dogs (brindle/tortoiseshell) colorway. Did I mention how much I love this yarn? I LOVE THIS YARN.

In other things... I need to do quarterly sales tax... that's about the only other thing on my list right now that needs to be done that's not any of the above things, haha.

How about y'all? What are you up to this week? How's work? How's life? What are you making/reading/baking/gardening/doing?

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